• Omschrijving
  • Sizes
  • 195/55 R15
    L/S index: 89V Diameter (mm): 595.0 Profieldiepte (mm): 7.5
    71 dB
  • 195/50 R15
    L/S index: 86V Diameter (mm): 577.0 Profieldiepte (mm): 7.5
    71 dB
Wide Central Rib image

Wide Central Rib

A wide rib in the central part of the tread improves directional stability at high speed and contributes to a quick response to the steering.

Sound Absorbing Wall image

Sound Absorbing Wall

The walls of the grooves have a corrugated surface, which reduces high-frequency noise during movement.

Three Wide Drainage Grooves image

Three Wide Drainage Grooves

Improved drainage of water from the contact patch for improved wet performance.

Alternating Tread Blocks image

Alternating Tread Blocks

Noise from the tread occurs when vibrations are repeated at equal frequency.

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