About Nitto Tires

NITTO is a world-famous Japanese tire brand, which is especially popular among enthusiasts, sports car fans and all those who perceive their car as more than just a vehicle.

NITTO brand philosophy is based on three principles:


Nitto Tire places high demands on the safety of its products and puts them at the forefront when creating new tires.


Nitto Tire engineers strive to constantly improve quality through the application of the most relevant technological achievements in the industry.

Customer Satisfaction:

The goal of Nitto Tire is to ensure that customers are completely satisfied with the quality of their products and services and again turn to stores to buy NITTO tires.

The Nitto Way

Nitto Tire - these are people passionately devoted to their work. We make tires for the same as we are car enthusiasts who love my car!

In line with Nitto tires have the most original and memorable tread patterns that have been developed due to a special approach combining cutting-edge design, engineering and rigorous testing methodology.

Nitto Tire - professionalism and innovation. Through the use of computer simulations, engineers Nitto achieve noise reduction, increase the tire contact area with the road when driving, which gives stability and excellent traction, as well as at the stage of development are able to simulate all the factors that act on the tires in a variety of road conditions, and to prevent the undesirable behavior of the car. In addition, proven technological developments in the field of polymer blends allow Nitto produce high quality tire with a long service life and high coupling characteristics on dry and wet surfaces, which are able to satisfy the most demanding motorists.